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If you are looking at homes in Mississauga and can’t find what you’re looking for, call on Damir Strk.

He has the experience and familiarity with the Mississauga area that is second to none.

See the testimonials below if you needed any more convincing that Damir is the Mississauga real estate agent that can help make your dreams come true!

As a first time home buyer I was really nervous about purchasing my first home. Not only was I looking for something that was going to meet all my needs, I wanted to find something that was within my price range. Having Damir as my real estate agent allowed me to find exactly what I wanted. He sent me up to date listings of homes and provided new listings very quickly. He also set up viewing appointments with ease and worked within my scheduling requirements. Without Damir’s expertise, fantastic attitude and drive I would still be searching for my new home today! I would recommend him to any serious buyer.

Sandra & James Sipahioglu

We have worked with Damir twice now. Both transactions involved a Sale and Purchase so timing and of course getting the best price for our Sale property were critical to us. Damir met and exceeded our expectations with all our concerns!

Joanne Mudd

Where do I start, almost a year ago our family came into a major situation, we were being evicted from our apartment and had no place to go, we are talking about two small children, my wife, my father and myself being kick out of our place. What to do, did not have any money, my wife at the time was not working and we were in debt. So we thought, if we have to rent again we would be paying allot more money for another place (since our rent was low) so we thought lets see if we can buy our own home. Not knowing where to turn, we started browsing threw our church news bulletin and that’s where we came upon Damir’s ad, I looked at my wife and said “where do I know this guy” it just so happens that he had hired me to DJ his parents wedding anniversary. So I called him, he didn’t remember me right away but did so right away. All I told him was “Damir, I have no money, I’m flat broke and I need a home” he said to me “when do you need to move?” I told him, 60 days, he said “done”. Within the next couple of days he showed us a couple of houses, and the next thing I remembered doing was signing papers for our very first home WOW! Thirty days later we had our keys. He has helped us so much that we do not know how to thank him. I would not hesitate hiring him again or referring him to anybody. He is top notch and cannot be beaten. We wish him all the best in the future.

Your biggest fans The Bajto Family!!!!!!!!

As a first time buyer I noticed Damir’s great gift in communication, not many people have. Damir is good listener and he has such a good memory for details. You will never need to tell same thing twice. We found and bought our house in 4 days. Do we need to say more?

Visnja & Ilija Boto

We were extremely satisfied with the professionalism and great service that we received from Damir. We would certainly recommend him to our friends.

George and Monda Stefanos

Firstly, I would like to sincerely thank Damir for his selfless assistance to O’nari and I in the purchase of our first property in Toronto. Going through a property purchase for the first time is a daunting experience, and it is even more difficult when one is new in Toronto.

For me the most important thing he did was to take away all the myths regarding property purchase, through an initial meeting where we identified what we where looking for and how much we had to spend etc. In this meeting Damir gave us a candid assessment of the property market and what he thought would be suitable for us as first time buyers.

He was constantly in touch with us through email, where we viewed the specifications of different properties based on our agreed criteria and through phone to discuss what we thought about the various properties.

He showed a lot of patience towards our reservations as first time buyers, and was able to assist in a multitude of ways including recommending finance and legal services which we eventually used. He also did a great deal of commuting between Toronto and Mississauga, and little things like gathering information about private and public schools for our 5 year old son was a big help.

Damir came across as very honest, helpful, and sincere in his assessment of various units we visited. He was genuinely interested in us getting a fair deal. Surprisingly, we contact Damir online and I was initially a bit skeptical about using a realtor without any formal recommendation, needless to say we are delighted with the services he rendered and more importantly the condo we eventually purchased. I will strongly recommend him to any one of you first time buyers or recent immigrants interested in purchasing a property.

Greg & Onari