Can You Afford Real Estate in Mississauga?

Can You Afford Real Estate in Mississauga?


If you have been looking at homes for sale in Mississauga and are considering purchasing your first home, you probably have grand thoughts about what you would like – including spacious back yard, a fireplace in the bedroom with windows overlooking the lake, but it may be time to stand back and review those expectations.

You may want your dream home right away, however, if you look at it realistically, that dream home mortgage payments could end up costing you three times your monthly take-home salary, and the down payment could end up costing more than you earn in two years! And the best way to realistically look at this is to find the home solution that will meet as many of your needs as possible without breaking you financially.

A “starter home” is always an excellent option. There are many reasons for this, the most important of which is that it won’t break the bank or stretch your budget to the breaking point, and this gets you into the market. A great way to get started in long-term real estate investment.

You should take a close look at your financial situation to see what you can afford. Most first-time home buyers lack the funds required to buy a home without assistance from either a bank or other financial institution. So, for most of us, buying our first home means combining our savings with money borrowed through a mortgage. This is the most common first step to getting yourself into your own home. In fact, borrowing money to purchase is desirable as well, often money is borrowed even on huge Mississauga real estate purchases.

There are two types of costs in buying a home:


the amount of money you’ll need for the initial purchase; this consists
mainly of the down payment and other costs such as legal fees and taxes.

And secondly,

the ongoing costs of paying back your mortgage, along with monthly
operating costs for utilities, maintenance, insurance and annual
property taxes.

Costs of buying a home:

* Down payment
* Mortgage
* Legal fees
* Utilities
* Inspection fees
* Maintenance
* Taxes
* Insurance
* Property taxes

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